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Is this still supported?
We shut down Free camera development publicly awhile ago. We only go after things that are broken, or needing improvement. We believe that Dice did a great job implementing Free camera into BF4 That we stopped venture on this officially. Our Efforts at blue is to primarily make machinma. Freecamera was a tool built for us by us. That we knew the world needed.

During its time it got great support. We still offer a build to allow people to use it but they must support it themselves. We have removed the licensing system and it is now fully open to the public for usage. The Sourcecode will not be public as it recalls methods that are not uniform to games in general. Beacuse this borders the aimbot/cheats area with method we choose not to share the code, We believe by keeping this hidden from view it will just be another tick against cheating.

Thank you for all your support!
How to Get it:

FREECAMERA is a mod tool developed by HattiWatti & Engineerisaac. It reads and modifies memory from Battlefield 3 to control camera positions, color correction, field of view and other settings to achieve customizable camera angles.

This was built to cater the needs of machinima video producers and competitive game broadcasting.

Due to DICE cracking down on modding tools, at this moment FREECAM is not public, and anyone wanting to get a copy of it must be registered to our site. This is done to avoid having it end up in the wrong hands and being patched by DICE as other public mod tools have.


  • Movable camera positions with hotkeys
  • Fully customizable color correction and CC removal
  • Sun position and brightness control
  • Multiple vehicle cameras
  • Field of View smooth zoom with hotkeys
  • Camera tracks and interpolation
  • Customizable hotkey speeds
  • And more!

Is this a HACK?

No... well also kinda yes. FreeCamera works like a hack. It injects itself into the game. You could hypothetically use it to cheat, but the tool does not include ANY Anti-Punkbuster "undetectable" countermeasures. So using it in a PB-Enabled or Ranked server will get you kicked and banned instantly.

But you should be safe if you're a PB-Disabled an Unranked server. So use it at your own risk!

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Freecamera Page is back online!
Posted 2 months ago
viclopes 30
link offline :(
Posted 4 weeks ago
link offline :(
Posted 3 weeks ago
SuperDVgamer 20
still offline D:
Posted 2 weeks ago
Engineerisaac 7
Sorry guys. back up, The download is still unsupported.
Posted 3 days ago
Engineerisaac 6
Sorry guys. back up, The download is still unsupported.
Posted 3 days ago
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