Is this still supported?
We are no longer updating BF3 Freecamera and are continuing with the Battlefield 4 version "BF Cinematic Tools" -
How to Get it:

FREECAMERA is a mod tool developed by HattiWatti & Engineerisaac. It reads and modifies memory from Battlefield 3 to control camera positions, color correction, field of view and other settings to achieve customizable camera angles.

This was built to cater the needs of machinima video producers and competitive game broadcasting.


  • Movable camera positions with hotkeys
  • Fully customizable color correction and CC removal
  • Sun position and brightness control
  • Multiple vehicle cameras
  • Field of View smooth zoom with hotkeys
  • Camera tracks and interpolation
  • Customizable hotkey speeds
  • And more!

Is this a HACK?

No... well also kinda yes. FreeCamera works like a hack. It injects itself into the game. You could hypothetically use it to cheat, but the tool does not include ANY Anti-Punkbuster "undetectable" countermeasures. So using it in a PB-Enabled or Ranked server will get you kicked and banned instantly.

But you should be safe if you're a PB-Disabled an Unranked server. So use it at your own risk!

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